Secretary III

Location: Montgomery County, MD
Date Posted: 08-06-2018
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SECRETARY III (Building Services) 

In a timely manner, directly addresses tenant issues (stocking supplies in all service centers/break rooms/meeting rooms; personal storage and file cabinet locker issues (setting codes, replacing batteries); replacing missing keys from the work station credenzas and file cabinets.
  • Ensures all meeting rooms are well stocked with proper supplies and correct number and color of assigned chairs at all times.
  • Ensures AV system (TV, phones, etc.) is in place and in working order (if applicable) and reports issues to IT Support.
  • Ensures that supplies that do not belong in meeting rooms (reams of copy paper, excess flip charts, etc.) are placed in their proper locations.
  • Inspects the workspace for issues which require maintenance or follow up by the BMO or janitorial staff (ex. ceiling lights out, broken door hardware, etc.) and track resolution to those issues.
  • Serves as a reliable information source for visitors and tenants when directions are needed within the building.
  • Reads and responds to appropriate tenant requests that are sent to the 1800 F Tenant Support email box, as well as some face-to-face requests from tenants.
  • Resolves issues that are assigned to them by the Floor Coordinator Team Lead and/or Division Director.
  • Understands the basics of conflict resolution and assists tenants with resolving, workplace conflict related to workspaces, noise, reservations, and other shared space issues that may arise.
  • Assists tenants with making alternative reservations to promote maximum utilization of the workplace.
  • Must have a full, user level knowledge of a Reservations Application.
  • Ensures all required signage is correct in content, legible, clean and neatly hung throughout the facility at all times.
  • Some knowledge of basic email functions is necessary to be able to read and type responses to status of tenant support requests when resolved. 
  • Complete a daily Floor Coordination workflow checklist at the end of each shift.
  • Document all incidents that are not compliant to the building policies and house rules (ID badges in laptop, purse, cell phones, laptops etc. left unattended and in full view of others).
  • Ability to document these incidents as well as other communications completely, honestly and legibly at all times as needed. 
  • Must be able to stand, walk (for long periods of time), bend and kneel (locker assistance) with very little to no physical restraints. Ability to take basic instructions and possesses good communication and customer service skills. Comfortable footwear is recommended to be worn at all times.

Required Expierence: 

Secretary Level III (Equivalent) 3-4 years of clerical/secretarial relevant experience
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