Executive Assistant Level II

Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: 08-06-2018
Since its founding in 2000, TeleSolv Consulting has been committed to helping organizations solve complex problems. Our solutions integrate sound management principles with the most appropriate technologies to assist senior executives in effectively managing programmatic, schedule, and technical risks.


Carries out recurring office procedures independently; Uses judgment and initiate to determine the approach or action to take in non-routine situations; Interprets and adapts guidelines, including unwritten policies, precedents, and practices.

Required experience:
Minimum of 5 years administrative assistant relevant experience

Duties include or are comparable to the following:
  • Management of daily meetings, filter content on agendas for the Administrator and the Commissioner Office.
  • Decides which meeting takes priority or are relevant to the principal mission of GSA.
  • Coordinates White House personnel meetings and meetings between Senators, Mayors, and Congress men/women with GSA.
  • Takes dictation and transcribes notes, researches and creates presentation as well as generates reports and handles multiple projects and performs a variety of tasks at the same time.
  • May assist in compiling and developing the annual budget. 
  • Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the organization.
  • Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.  Requires degree of creativity and latitude is required.
  • Composes correspondence requiring some understanding of technical matters; may sign for the program manager when technical or policy content has been authorized
  • Notes commitments made by program manager during meetings and arranges for staff implementation.
  • On own initiative, arranges for staff member to represent organization at conferences and meetings, establishes appointment priorities, or reschedules or refuses appointments or invitations
  • Reads outgoing correspondence for the program manager’s approval and alert writers to any conflict with the file or departure from policies or program manager’s viewpoints; gives advice to resolve the problems
  • Summarizes the content of  incoming materials, specially gathered information, or meetings to assist the program manager; coordinates the new information with background office sources; draws attention to important parts or conflicts; In the program manager’s absence, ensures that requests for action or information are relayed to the appropriate staff member; as needed, interprets request and helps implement action; makes sure that information is furnished in timely manner; decides whether the program manager should be notified of important or emergency matters.
  • Manage the administrative staff giving daily work assignments and guidance as needed.
  • Coordinate office coverage to ensure administrative support during lunch, vacations and emergencies.
  • Provide backup support for other administrative support staff, both contractor and Federal employees (if needed); Utilize and operate the phone system; screen calls for the direct report in accordance with established procedures and as directed by the COR; take detailed messages; answer telephone calls for individuals who are not available or out of the office and determine appropriate action.
  • Based on a knowledge of the supervisor's views, composes correspondence on own initiative about administrative matters and general office policies for supervisor's approval
  • Anticipates and prepares materials needed by the supervisor for conferences, correspondence, appointments, meetings, telephone calls, etc., and informs supervisor on matters to be considered
  • Reads publications, regulations, and directives and acts or refers those that are important to the supervisor and staff
  • Prepares special or one-time reports, summaries, or replies to inquiries, selecting relevant information from a variety of sources such as reports, documents, correspondence, other offices, etc., under general directions; and Advises secretaries in subordinate offices on new procedures; requests information needed from the subordinate office(s) for periodic or special conferences, reports, inquiries etc.
  • Shifts clerical staff to accommodate workload needs. Prepare correspondence in final form from draft or handwritten material, letters memorandums, forms, reports, studies, vacancy announcements, position descriptions, specifications, legal documents, and other types of documents
  • Review documents to ensure compliance with GSA guidelines and procedures, and standards for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format prior to finalizing
  • Ensure all enclosures, attachments, courtesy copies, and blind copies are included with outgoing correspondence and make copies as necessary
  • Maintain suspense records on action items and follow up to ensure timely reply and/or action
  • Make travel arrangements considering regulations, routes, cost containment, availability and conveyance. Complete travel forms and/or enter in electronic travel system. Notify personnel of travel arrangements and prepare written itineraries
  • Make arrangements for training and complete training forms; Make arrangements for conferences and meetings, including scheduling appointments and assembling background materials
  • Maintain conference room calendar of scheduled meetings; and ensure conference rooms and lobby areas are properly arranged. Input electronic time and attendance reports
  • File documents, correspondence, forms, etc. Update and organize existing files;
  • Close out files and prepare to move to records center or other storage
  • Schedule vehicles which are available from the motor pool
  • Receive and distribute faxes to employees. Process overnight mail; Maintain current telephone listings and employee distribution lists
  • Review all incoming correspondence to determine proper routing; establish and maintain working files; draft a variety of correspondence or documentation from oral instruction or rough draft; and other administrative support functions as required by GSA.
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