Facility Manager

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date Posted: 07-20-2018
Facility Management/Operations 

 Assists in the day-to-day management of designated occupancies/facilities or performs limited analysis of assigned activities in building operations for compliance with established program standards and/or tenant agency requirements, including, but not limited to, general operational or maintenance issues, building services (e.g., for janitorial services, trash removal, recycling, snow removal, pest control, etc); monitors responses to service calls and customer follow up relative to standard operating issues that may arise in any of the aforementioned areas.  
Conducts inspections of designated space or facilities to ensure contractor compliance with GSA specifications; identifies and documents readily observable deficiencies and brings them to the attention of a higher-graded building management specialist, building manager or team member for action.  
Monitors a variety of operations and/or service contracts, e.g., agreements for preventative building maintenance, cafeteria operations, snack bars, vending stands, convenience vending machines, public telephones, etc.  
Based on operating or organizational needs, the employee may also:  conduct physical inspections, write reports and complete forms; prepare standard letters and memos, scopes of work, etc.; prepare specifications and/or procurement documents of a factual nature or limited complexity; attend or conduct meetings with tenants, contractors and others; give noncontroversial oral briefings; conduct and/or assist in limited negotiations with vendors, contractors and others; and communicate with tenants, GSA management and the visiting public.  

 Project Technical Services    

For assigned projects, analyzes projects, performs project scheduling, and monitors/ measures project success.  Using automated project management tools or related software, manages key milestone dates, funding, contractor activities and other issues that might be of concern to GSA and/or the customer agency. Conducts routine job-site meetings with construction contractors to discuss procedures, progress, problems, coordination, scheduling and other appropriate matters. 
Coordinates assigned renovation projects and assists in analyzing how building systems impacts them.  Reviews contractor schedules and transmits information to agencies as required in order that they may plan for the orderly performance of their mission.  Routinely accompanied highergraded employees to agency meetings to remain informed regarding current construction information and agency concerns.  
Participates as a member on project planning/scheduling teams that are usually led by a higher graded project/transaction management employee.   
Provides contract support as needed on assigned projects, depending on the scope of work involved.  

 Asset Stewardship 
 Gathers, reviews and performs analysis on building performance and investment information to develop recommendations or findings that help higher graded employees develop strategies to optimize building performance and support investment decisions.    
Reviews and assembles information relating to physical condition of building, lifecycle cost analysis and building efficiency to determine trends and identify what the asset might need in terms of repairs or improvements.  Develops a knowledge and detailed familiarity of assigned properties through review of the occupancy profile data and applies relevant playbook processes.   
Reviews and monitors building and building systems deficiencies and from those findings, develops recommendations for short-terms solutions to address deficiencies.    

 Customer Interface for Relationship Management 
 Acts on behalf of the Government as a customer interface for customer agency personnel, and in this capacity, proactively supports the customer relationships and communications to maintain customer loyalty and retention.  
May serve as a primary point of contact (POC) for customer agencies in relationship management for small/remote facilities and/or projects and related services.  Effectively supports the customer interactions, typically interacts with and develops customer relationships with end users. 
Based on operating needs, may act as an onsite advisor to the customer throughout the long-term occupancy, through ongoing interactions; continuous professional contact; proactive solicitations of and response to customer feedback including satisfaction surveys, and responsiveness to customer workplace needs.  Interacts with building tenants and customer agencies’ representatives on a recurring basis to assist in addressing and performing limited assessments of their facility and facility related needs and to assist in the execution of development of solutions that ensure those needs are being met, and to assure that the procedures used to obtain services are responsive and customer friendly.   
Utilizes customer relationship management software, integrated business and/or Web-based customer profiles and databases to compile, monitor and/or review designated program data to assist in the efficiency of current GSA real property activities.  Gathers information for the customer profiles.   
Participates in the overall project oversight process with an understanding of designated customer objectives and clear-cut customer’s definition of success.  Provides inputs on the negotiation and determination of strategies for developing solutions (consistent with established 
GSA policies and practices) that reflect an understanding of the customer’s business and workplace needs.   
Promotes good working relationships with customers at the employee through the executive level.     

 Contract Administration & Management 
 Inspects projects, building services and/or lease administration activities.  Identifies and documents deficiencies and brings them to the attention of the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).   
Maintains files and contract documents in support of all inspections and contract oversight responsibilities. 
Coordinates scheduling of services and/or small projects by contractor in accordance with contract parameters and in conjunction team members or other PBS employees. 
Issues and confirms written notifications of deficiencies outlining and overseeing time frames for corrective action. 
Ensures that accurate suitability clearances for contract personnel are obtained and forwarded to the Federal Protective Service/Department of Homeland Security.  Forms for the security clearance process are continually changing, with the incumbent required to ensure currency of all documents prepared.   Prepares associated records, including fingerprint charts, GSA Form 176/176T, alien immigration documents, personal identification and other documentation in HPSD-12.  Forwards requests for clearance to the Federal Protective Service.  Maintains records and rosters of contract employees and based on organizational needs or operating requirements, may prepare GSA Form 15 for all employees. 
In relation to inspection roles, identifies hazardous conditions, e.g., exposed electrical wiring, spills, leaks, fire hazards, tripping hazards, which affect the buildings or occupants and takes action in accordance with local, state, or Federal regulations or laws. 

 Minimum Qualifications: 
 Individual must have a practical working knowledge of project management, facility management, building automation systems, computerized maintenance management systems, asset management, and customer relationship management.   
Must have at least 3 years of Facility Management experience, with oversight of a multi-tenant commercial office building. 
 Comparable Federal Grade Level:  GS-11/12 
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