Federal Realty Specialist III (Professional)

Location: Kansas City, MO
Date Posted: 11-17-2017
Since its founding in 2000, TeleSolv Consulting has been committed to helping organizations solve complex problems. Our solutions integrate sound management principles with the most appropriate technologies to assist senior executives in effectively managing programmatic, schedule, and technical risks.

Our Company is seeking a Federal Realty Specialist III.  The work covers a full range of pre-award, post-award, assignment or utilization work for an agency or geographic area. This means that the work involves the use of many different and unrelated realty processes and methods   that involve Federal space. The specialist uses originality in planning the scope and direction of  realty projects  or identifying problems. He or she performs both short and long range planning that typically involves in-depth analysis and evaluation of complicated and often conflicting combinations of characteristics, issues and alternatives. Projects  involve:  multiple  uses  of  space;  limited  comparable  market;  conflicting  legal  or  environmental concerns; relocation issues; special agency needs; frequently changing program requirements.
  • Review requests for space from customer agencies. Develop housing strategies. Consult with agencies on requirements, including the amount, type and location of space. Assist agencies in developing their space specifications. 
  • Analyze the existing space inventory for possible utilization of existing space in satisfying the space requirements of federal agencies. Perform cost analyses related to the utilization of existing space.
  • The work involves planning and completing real estate transactions and property management activities. Employees use a wide range of real estate techniques and methods to manage properties with diverse and unusual characteristics. They investigate and analyze a wide variety of problems and question to arrive at solutions; provide guidance on specific real estate principles, regulations, practices, methods and techniques: or recommend new or modified policies .Recommendations and transactions affect a range of agency activities, compliance with a variety of realty-related regulations, and the effective management and use of real property.
  • Serve as project manager of projects. Assemble and head interdisciplinary teams of design and construction professionals, attorneys, developers, contractors, financial consultants, tenant agency personnel, and other technical personnel to review agency space requests, determine the amounts and types of space required, establish functional criteria to be used in providing the actual space, monitor build out and accept space.
  • Perform project planning and management functions including the development of project management strategies, schedules, tracking systems, and budget estimates for approved and proposed projects. Recommend consolidation, relocations and other changes to agency housing plans.
  • Oversee and coordinate construction activities related to an agency's initial space alterations or post-occupancy space alterations. Inspect and accept space by measuring the space and ensuring that work meets agency requirements. Ensure that costs are assumed by the appropriate parties and are funded from proper sources.
  • Requests reimbursable work authorizations. Develop rent projections. Review and act on agency requests for rent adjustments. Classify and assign space involving special requirements.
Minimum Requirements:
  • At least four (4) years of specialized experience equivalent to the Federal Realty Specialist II level.
  • Specialized experience is defined as experience performing the full range of real estate programs including design, construction, building, space management, safety, environmental management and project management.
  • Employee should have knowledge of a wide range of real estate principles, concepts and practices as well as a good understanding of the real estate market. 
  • An in-depth knowledge of agency policies, regulations and procedures, applicable Federal statutes, including the General Services Acquisition Regulations (GSAM), the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR), with regard to real estate acquisition and management to plan and manage complex projects and to negotiate the terms and conditions of leases or agreements involving unusual or extensive special agency needs.
  • An in-depth knowledge of cost and price analysis to forecast costs and evaluate prices for which no historical data exists and to determine strategies and perform negotiations involving complex financial arrangements, terms or conditions. 
  • Ability to use judgment and skill in performing extensive coordination for matters involving sensitive issues, special and diverse agency needs, frequently changing requirements or unanticipated changes in requirements.
  • Ability to integrate the disciplines of legal, appraisal, engineering, architecture, fire and life safety, urban planning and finance, so that the diverse issues are satisfactorily coordinated, analyzed and conflicts resolved.
  • Knowledge of building operational requirements to understand the feasibility and impact of space moves and alterations when specialized needs are involved.
  • Ability to plan, schedule, and balance all technical aspects of multiple complex projects with a wide range of variables and independently determine and execute the appropriate sequence of required tasks to fulfill client agency needs.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing concerning realty matters.
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