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Fire Protection Engineer

Kansas City, Missouri
Since its founding in 2000, TeleSolv Consulting has been committed to helping organizations solve complex problems. Our solutions integrate sound management principles with the most appropriate technologies to assist senior executives in effectively managing programmatic, schedule, and technical risks.

Our Company is seeking a Fire Protection Engineer
  • Ensures that building occupants and visitors are safe from fire and other hazards while on customer- owned and leased property. 
  • Serves as the Authority Having Jurisdiction for all aspects of fire protection and life safety within customer owned property in the region.
  • Reviews project construction design documents for fire/life safety compliance.
  • Reviews fire safety checklist information for newly leased facilities.
  • Witnesses acceptance testing of new facility fire protection equipment.
  • Visits construction sites to report on fire/life safety compliance.
  • Performs investigations and/or analysis involving or relating to fire/life safety systems or building systems.
  • Attends meetings on behalf of the customer Safety & Environmental team.
  • Performs data compiling, trending or tracking of fire/life safety-related elements to include:
  • Updates fire safety items within the customer IRIS database;
  • Tracks to resolution fire safety findings derived from inspections;
  • Gathers and tracks fire safety checklists for the customer lease portfolio;
  • Reviews the customer construction project snapshot to identify scopes that impact fire/life safety.  Up to 25% Travel may be required for this position
  • Operates as a senior level expert and provides authoritative advice and technical expertise to management officials, regional architects/engineers and project managers in other divisions or field offices concerning fire protection engineering and risk management issues. Utilizes the latest technological advances such as fire modeling to evaluate complex problems that are not addressed by existing policies or guidelines.
  • Works closely with senior managers at customer and customers to address the most challenging, sensitive or dynamic fire and life safety matters or circumstances.
  • Is knowledgeable in preparing written Fire &Life Safety programs and is able to articulate program information in a business process format.
  • Serves on project teams and is responsible for coordinating fire protection engineering portions for major new construction or renovation projects and incorporates fire protection design practices into all phases of design and construction.
  • Serves as the project manager and negotiates/ administers fire protection engineering, and other fire protection or life safety services contracts for architect/engineering work, surveys and evaluations of existing owned and leased occupancies for risk management and compliance and other program initiatives.
  • Performs field inspections of proposed projects to determine directive and design requirements. Up to 25% travel time may be required for this position.
  • Develops abatement plans in response to known Building Fire Safety deficiencies. Translates abatement strategies into written scopes of work and cost estimates that support regional project processes.
  • Develops, revises, and maintains fire protection engineering guide specifications and design guides for use throughout the Region.
  • Furnishes Authoritative advice in the use and interpretation of all such specifications and design guides.
  • May represent the Region on customer working groups and is recognized as a fire protection engineering technical authority for all matters relating to fire protection and risk management.
The Fire Protection Engineer shall meet one of the following qualifications:
  • An engineer having an undergraduate or graduate degree from a college or university offering a course of study in fire protection or fire safety engineering, plus a minimum of 4 years work experience in fire protection engineering.
  • A professional engineer (P.E. or similar designation) registered in Fire Protection Engineering.
  • A professional engineer (P.E. or similar designation) registered in a related engineering discipline and holding Member grade status in the International Society of Fire Protection Engineers. 
Minimum Requirements: 
  • The engineer shall possess expert knowledge in the use and application of the National Fire Codes and Standards published by the National Fire Protection Association, the International Building Code and other codes published by the International Code Council as adopted by the General Services Administration.
  • The engineer shall have experience in acceptance testing of fire protection systems.
  • Engineer shall possess an active minimum Moderate Risk Public Trust Clearance.
  • Individual must possess outstanding interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skill, and the ability to work well with others in a team environment.
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