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Kansas City, Missouri · Administrative
Since its founding in 2000, TeleSolv Consulting has been committed to helping organizations solve complex problems. Our solutions integrate sound management principles with the most appropriate technologies to assist senior executives in effectively managing programmatic, schedule, and technical risks.

  • Assists the Regional Architectural Accessibility Program by performing technical document and specification reviews for projects in design.
  • Assists the Regional Architectural Accessibility Program by performing technical field inspections for projects in design.
  • Participates in and manages accessibility surveys by AE firms for Federally owned assets.
  • Utilizing Architectural expertise to provide technical assistance on construction related policies, procedures, and principles.
  • Sets goals, establishes and maintains procedures and coordinates GSA policy regarding GSA's expectations in the area of A/E quality control regarding ABAAS regulations.
  • Performs accessibility plan reviews for projects in design.  Reviews drawings and reports for access compliance.  
  • Provides training support for various business lines.  Presents training sessions and follow-ups as requirements change.  Provides informational sessions for agencies when requested. 
  • Attends training courses in current accessibility trends, codes, and requirements.   
  • Establishes goals and procedures for implementation and maintaining an ABAAS program for A/E design quality control. 
  • Coaching and/or mentoring teammates to achieve organizational objectives and resolve issues.
  • Resolving disputes and conflicts in the best possible manner, and maintaining program progress.
  • Conducting and attending meetings, project site inspections and reviews as required to achieve the intended results on the project.
  • Developing project implementation strategies that foresee likely problems and provide an approach to achieving a successful project.
  • Ensuring that Quality Control procedures are carried out. 
  • Satisfying the contractual administration requirements of the project by ensuring proper Government procedures are followed per handbooks and Government regulations. 

The incumbent serves as a technical expert for the Public Buildings Service for compliance with the Architectural Barriers Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, and local codes. They support the Public Buildings Service programs, in general, and the accessibility program specifically, by giving assistance, guidance, technical advice or consultation to others in support of their projects. 
  • Coordinates with all divisions on access issues and projects. Provides technical support, on-site inspections, and program planning.  Acts as liaison with Central Office Accessibility Program. Keeps personnel informed of current policies. 
  • Handles correspondence related to access issues and information. Investigates and responds to complaints.  Maintains a record keeping system for accessibility: accessibility reports, building histories and violations, complaints, and a library of access procedures, regulations, and information pertinent to GSA. 
  • The incumbent conducts technical on-site inspections of contract work, office facilities, quality control programs, equipment and sites, as requested or necessary to accomplish required tasks. 
  • Provides technical expertise to GSA personnel and is called upon to review and/or assess problematic or potentially controversial situations which are extraordinary, unique or otherwise contentious in nature. 
  • As a technical authority, incumbent serves as a trouble-shooter for program personnel on a diverse range of ABAAS issues, projects, or concerns Reviews and/or prepares highly technical reports and/or papers on important and extremely complex matters which influence not only the immediate work group, but have widespread impact in terms of current and/or future programs. 
  • Works with other recognized technical experts within the agency to develop a coordinated approach to unique problems or areas in which GSA, other Federal agencies or the private sector have previously not been involved or concerned.  Participates in studies of national significance or of outstanding importance to the program area. 
  • Performs special assignments, as directed, which may involve any phase of the assigned area of specialization and which frequently overlap into other related functional disciplines as well.  
  • Incumbent may also perform the following functions: 
  • Manages and/or accomplishes the most complex work assignments of the assigned occupational area, which involve extremely difficult or controversial projects that require highly specialized experience or broad policy interpretation.  Projects regularly require the identification and resolution of precedent-setting and/or highly controversial policy and/or operational problems. 


Job Requirements

Qualifications required by the position
  • Graduate of an accredited architectural or architectural/engineering certificate program.
  • Possess a minimum of seven (7) years experience with accessibility design reviews and on-site accessibility inspection services to include accessibility compliance on federal projects (owned and leased) using the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS).  Equivalent Experience;  The qualified individual must possess a minimum of three (3) years experience with accessibility reviews and on-site accessibility inspection services and an architectural registration certificate from at least one state jurisdiction that requires training in accessibility as a condition of registration renewal.
  • Individual must possess outstanding interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work well with others in a team environment.
  • Operates as an expert and provides authoritative advice and technical expertise to management officials, regional architects/engineers and project managers in PBS divisions and field offices concerning ABAAS compliance.
  • May conduct field visits to perform inspections of projects and/or to advise project teams on ABAAS compliance issues.  
  • Develops, revises, and/or maintains ABAAS compliance procedures/processes.  
  • May represent the Region on GSA working groups and is recognized as a code authority.
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